Journalism++ enters a new era

The Berlin and Paris chapters of Journalism++ have decided to close shop after five years of incredible work. But Journalism++ lives on, entering an exciting new era where the collaboration between Stockholm and Porto grows closer.

Four years ago Jens Finnäs and Peter Grensund got one of those offers you can’t refuse, an opportunity to join the Journalism++ network. We founded Journalism++ Stockholm and became part of an international network of agencies dedicated to data-driven journalism and newsroom innovation.

Since then the network has grown with chapters in Amsterdam, Porto, Cologne and São Paolo. That collaboration has resulted in award winning projects such as the The Migrants Files, sparked ideas and given us the chance to share knowledge between some of the brightest and most talented journalists in Europe.

Nicolas Kayser-Bril, Pierre Romera and Anne-Lise Bouyer, who have been been the hub of the network, have now decided to move on. There will be no more Journalism++ Paris and Berlin, but the Stockholm and Porto branches are set to continue and are dedicated to keeping the project and manifesto alive.

We will miss the partnership with Nicolas, Pierre and Anne-Lise, but we look forward to tightening the collaboration with Porto and strengthen our capacity to do ground-breaking journalism.

Journalism++ enters a new and exciting era. We can't wait to get started.

11 apr 2017

Jens Finnäs