J++ at NODA 2018

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This year's NODA conference will take part in Stockholm, in the end of March (16th, 17th). These are all our events at the conference.

Goodbye Excel, Hello Pandas
This is a full day workshop on how to replace Excel with code based analysis. We will introduce Python programming for journalists by showing how to perform regular Excel tasks in code. We will also discuss workflows, best practices and why you should say goodbye to Excel.
Workshop: QGIS
What municipality has the highest number of drug stores per capita? What is the average distance to the nearest hospital for citizens in your part of the country? These are questions that can be answered with QGIS, an open source software for analysing geodata. Think of it as Excel, but for maps. The workshop is targeted at beginners and intermediates. We will work in QGIS, but insights from this workshop are easily transferred to e.g. ArcGIS, or other GIS software.
Workshop: Making FOI requests for databases
This workshop looks specifically at Swedish authorities and their digital data. How can we find and request access to databases?
Workshop: Use your browser to scrape Facebook
We’ll teach how to fetch all the common Facebook friends of a group of people using browser extensions like CopyTables and Chrome Scraper. Targeted at primarily beginners and intermediates, but advanced data journalists might also find the workshop useful.
We tried to automated story finding in data — this is what we learned
For more than two years we have been working on Newsworthy, a news service that aims at automating local story finding in data with bayesian statistical modeling. In this session we will take you behind the scenes of the the project and talk about where we succeeded and failed. Is it possible to automate journalism?
Panel discussion: Automation – Where are we now and where are we heading?
Jens Finnäs, Hillevi Hägglöf, and Carl-Gustav Lindén on the future of newsroom automation.

13 Feb 2018

Leo Wallentin